Mudiwa Hood spoils Street Kids, buys them clothes & lunch

Gospel rapper Mudiwa Hood, real name Mudiwa Mutandwa has treated 4 street kids to a surprise lunch and clothes shopping in Harare today.

The rapper posted on Microblogging site Twitter that the 4 kids came knocking on his window while he was in traffic, a very common thing on Harare’s CBD. They reportedly asked for $1usd and the rapper pulled to the side and invited the 4 to jump in the car and go for lunch as well as clothes shopping, in a gesture of pure and random kindness.

Kids showing off their new clothes

“You are one good deed away from changing someone’s life for good…Show love!! While driving home i had these kids come to my car asking for $1 to get food. I reversed and parked my car, took the kids for Christmas shopping and had lunch with them. #DogoodfornoreasonWrote Mudiwa on his Twitter handle.

The kids shopping for new clothes


Harare’s streets are filled with young children of school going age, who spend the day knocking on motorists’ windows to beg for money and food.

Most however seem to be accompanied by the parents/guardians, who can be seen sitting quietly a few meters away from the roads waiting for the children to bring in what they would have got from motorists.


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