ZRP Urged Citizens To Abide To Lockdown Regulations

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has urged Zimbabweans to abide to the lockdown measures which include a curfew which runs from 10pm to 6am and to ensure safety measures such as wearing of masks and social distancing so as to curb the spread of the Covid – 19.

In a statement, ZRP said the country is not yet free from the Covid-19 pandemic hence the public should always guard against it.

“Police has noted with concern that some sections of the public no longer value the wearing of face masks, observe social distancing guidelines, sanitisation and public gathering restrictions. Covid-19 is real, and the public should avoid being complacent and cooperate with law enforcement agencies to curtail the spread of the pandemic.” The statement read in part.

Meanwhile, reports has it that the police in town are charging anyone who is found walking in town without wearing face masks a fine of US$10.

“Those in town please properly wear your masks. Police arresting those not wearing their masks properly with a fine of US$10 (Harare cbd)” 263times heard.

However, the public should note that the police are not allowed to charge fine in US Dollars. They are only allowed to charge fines in swipe or cash and the payments should be done at the police station not to a police officer directly.


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