Moana Burial Saga Rages On

Socialite and fitness bunny, Moana Mimi, real name Mitchel Amuli’s burial will be delayed for a longer period, after the High Court postponed ruling on the matter.

Justice Pisirai Kwenda, delaying the ruling, said that this kind of issue is new on the Zimbabwe legal scene, and hence it needed time before a judgment can be made.

Moana, who perished in a car accident on 8November, together with socialite and business man Genius Kadungure and two other foreigners, was set to get a burial ruling from the High Court this afternoon but however Justice Pisirai Kwenda said the court hasn’t ruled anything yet as the issue was new in this country.

Moana’s mother, Yolander Kuvanga, last week took Moana’s father Ismael Amuli to court fighting for the right to burry her daughter.

It is reported that the father wants his daughter to be buried the Muslim way at Warren Hills Cemetery, whilst the mother wants Moana to be buried at Zororo cemetery along Seke road.

Justice Pisirai Kwenda however said the court will advise on the next court hearing.




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