Harare Street Kid Entertains People

As the Zimbabwe entertainment industry is usually dominated by popular musicians such as Jah Prayzah, Macheso and others, Harare CBD was yesterday left in awe as a certain boy (street kid) brought laughter to many along Julius Nyerere and Second street.

A street kid who usually hangs out at corner fourth street was seen entertaining a huge crowd of people through his amazing skills.

”This is the same street kid who usually performs at fourth street we saw him on Monday doing this, he is just amazing ,” a lady who was among the crowd said enjoying what the street kid was doing.

A street kid (pictured) was seen on top of a big tyre with a big crowd cheering and taking photos and videos and most people had to spare about six to ten minutes watching the street kid and those who were selling airtime gave their attention to the street kid.

The street has a lot of potential that is hidden as witnessed by this extraordinary performance.

However, some were of the view that his motive was to draw attention from people and get money which was good instead of being a thief.

“He could be doing this to get money and this is good instead of their stealing. We fear some street kids because they take our money by force but with this one, we are obliged to give him the money in exchange of his entertainment.” Another woman said.

Street kids are usually known for their bad characters but this one proved that not all of them are like that.



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