Over 30 Gold Miners Trapped In Bindura

30 illegal gold miners were believed to have been trapped underground at Bindura Ran Mine after the shaft collapsed yesterday afternoon.

Six miners were reported to have been rescued and were rushed to Bindura Hospital for treatment.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Nick Mangwana confirmed this in a statement.

“Mash Central. A tragedy has occurred at Ran Mine in Bindura town late this afternoon. A deep disused mine trench has caved in trapping several illegal gold miners. Exact number not yet established. So far 6 miners have been rescued. Details to follow but numbers could be circa 30” He said.

In Zimbabwe cases of panners being trapped in disused mines panning for gold have been on the rise especially in this rainy season when walls easily collapse.

This month on November 10, six bodies of miners were trapped in a mineshaft at Matshetshe mine in Esigodini.

Around October five miners were trapped at a mine in Chegutu and last year 24 miners died in Battlefields near Kwekwe, marking mining as a dangerous activity in this country.



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