Parents Paying Teachers Incentives

Parents have taken it upon themselves to pay teachers incentives to ensure that they conduct normal lessons with children in schools especially the ones sitting for Zimsec, 263 Times can report.

It is reported that, teachers are accepting incentives from parents to sustain their salaries so that they conduct normal lessons with children in the school.

” Ever since i started giving my child money to give to her teacher, she has been coming with homework now.” Said a woman who spoke on condition of anonymity.

This comes as teachers have been on strike since schools reopened in September after they were closed for six months in March following the covid-19 induced lockdown.

Parents however seem to believe that it is best for them to pay incentives to teachers since the government has not yet met with the demands of teachers and they need their children to learn as education is the key to success.

”The government is not promising to meet the demands of the teachers so we are forced to hustle and give something to teachers if that can make them teach our children.” Said a Vendor who refused to be named.

Teachers are demanding a salary increase of USD $52o or  rtgs equivalent for them to return to work.


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