Moana finally laid to rest

The late Moana

Fitness bunny and video vixen Michelle ‘Moana’ Amuli who died in a horrendous car crash on the 8th of November has been buried.

The late socialite was buried according to Muslim customs today at Warren Hills cemetary.

Her paternal and maternal families Saturday put their differences aside to give her an emotional send-off in Harare.

Since her death in a fatal car accident along Borrowdale rd, the two sides of her family had a protracted dispute over how she was to be buried, with her mother Yolanda Kuvaoga insisting that her late daughter be buried at Zororo cemetary.

The feud spilled into the courts where her father, Ishmael Amuli, a Muslim, was later granted burial rights.

Despite the two families finally coming together, her mother, Yolanda Kuvaonga and father, Ishmael kept a distance from each other during the entire funeral procession. The two are separated.

Moana’s father snubbed proceedings at the Kuvaonga residence in Highfields while her mother, Yolanda came to the Old Highfields mosque and but chose to stay away from the Muslim procession.

At Warren Hills Cemetery, Moana’s maternal relatives could be heard mimicking Muslim chants during the burial procession.

While addressing hundreds of mourners at a mosque in Old Highfields, Moana’s maternal uncle said the two families had already made peace before the High Court judgement was handed down.

“Whatever the outcome was going to be at the court, we had decided that we were still going to consider everyone’s interests as we did today.

“We also have learnt something in terms of the Muslim culture. There are people standing outside because of fear of the unknown. We tend to think Arabs are terrorists but that is not true,” he said.

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