One More Dies In Bindura Mine Disaster

Bindura Ran Mine last night claimed another victim when one man, part of the rescuers fell into the pit and drowned.

The Ran Mine in which a tunnel collapsed last week and claimed more than 40 lives has proven to be a dangerous place for both miners and rescuers as lives continue to get lost.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Nick Mangwana confirmed the death of one more person saying the incident took place at around 6pm last night.

“The collapsed tunnel at Ran Mine in Bindura claimed another victim yesterday evening at around 6pm when one of the volunteer rescuers slipped and fell into the chasm. He immediately disappeared into the depths and by 10pm he had yet not been found.” Mangwana said.

Meanwhile, Civil Protection Unit director Mr Nathan Nkomo told 263times that it is risky to continue trying to rescue the bodies of the victims as more lives continue to get lost during the process.

“There is no way we can condemn mining for now because for several reasons, one of them is the source of employment but what we can only do is to ensure that certain rules are enforced. That is illegal mining is prohibited and only experienced miners should be allowed to mine.

“It’s risky to continue with the rescue operation, we don’t kill those who have survived in order to retrieve the dead.” He said.

Below are some of the current photos taken at Ran mine:

The deadly pit that swallowed more than 40 people
Doves team waiting to ferry the dead

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