Parents Panic As Exams Starts Today.

Parents of students writing examinations starting today have expressed different views concerning the examinations some arguing that the students didn’t attain enough education this year whilst some are afraid that there aren’t enough protective equipment against Covid-19 in schools.

Zimsec Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations for the year 2020 started today while Grade Seven candidates will start writing on Thursday. Practical examinations, however, started two weeks ago.

Mai Chipo from Harare said she is afraid that the students will fail since they didn’t attain enough education this year.

“I am afraid that my form four children will fail this year. They spent 6 months sitting at home, the extra lessons were not enough. I am not sure if they are going to pass this year and i am very worried.” She said.

Schools have been closed for six months since March when the corona virus pandemic broke in this country and most students especially in public schools couldn’t afford online lessons.

Mr Shoko from Glenview said there aren’t enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) at schools hence he is worried that the student’s are at a much bigger risk of contacting Covid-19.

“The kids are not protected against Covid-19 in schools, look how the virus is spreading in schools. I am worried for my A level son.” He said.

Nationwide, the ministry of primary and secondary education says close to 400 pupils have been infected, including 184 at John Tallach in Ntabazinduna, 57 at Chinhoyi High, more than 20 cases at All Souls Mission in Mutoko, over 20 cases at Anderson Adventist High in Gweru, more than 10 cases at Matopo High in Matobo, three cases at Rujeko Primary School in Mutare and the latest school to be affected is Mtshabezi Secondary School in Matabeleland South, where 11 pupils, two teachers and two workers tested positive for the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Annie Hartley, a Zimbabwean living in the UK said people should get used to corona virus because just like other pandemics, the virus is likely to be with us for a very long time hence life should go on and students should write their examinations.

“Let them write coz at the end of the day we’re getting used to living with this like what happened time ye HIV .As long as they put masks etc. Even ma days e flue pandemic it killed millions but still now it’s part of our health system. God is our protector.” Annie Hartley said.

However, the government through the ministry of Primary and Secondary education assured parents that Standard Operating Procedures have been invoked at schools such as John Tallach Secondary School in Ntabazinduna and Anderson High School in Gweru, Chinhoyi High School in Chinhoyi and Matopo High School in Matobo to curb further spread of the deadly virus.

They said examination centres have also been disinfected in line with Ministry of Health and Child Care guidelines whereas thermometers, disinfectants, face masks, wash facilities and hand sanitisers have been procured for all examination centres to combat Covid-19.

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