Farming Season Begins

Zimbabwean farmers have begun to grow crops this farming season following the rains that have started to fall.

Speaking to one of the Farmers in Murewa farmers have already started planting crops as more rains are expected.

”Mvura hanzi iri muroad zvakataurwa paradio and we have started preparing,” he said.

Some Farmers have taken it as an advantage that children are not going to school and they are helping each other to plant crops and clear the land.

“This is the busiest time for us as farmers, but at least we are getting help from our children who are not going to school due to Covid -19.” Another farmer said.

Meanwhile, some farmers are expecting to be given fertilizers by the government because they are failing to afford all the inputs.

” The rainy season has come but we can not afford all the inputs they are costing a lot and we are expecting to receive fertilizers anytime soon from the government, because last year they gave us fertilizer in time.” Farmers said.


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