Water Crisis At Ruwa Shopping Centre

Ruwa Shopping Center has been hit by water crisis in which the center has gone for almost a year with dry taps.

In an interview with 263time, a vendor at Ruwa Shopping Center said all vendors are at a high risk of contacting the Covid-19 because of the water shortage.

”The most crucial weapon against corona virus includes washing of hands and observing social distancing whilst we are selling  which is also elusive to the generality of all vendors and customers need water to wash their hands in order to combat the virus and its hard when there is shortage of water to curtail such dangers.

”Sanitation and hygiene facilities are costly for us, the money we get whilst selling is not enough as we have many responsibilities at home.

”’Most people end up not buying because they need water to was their hands and fruits. It was better for everyone to be given free hand sanitizers to put in our hand bags.”  The vendor added.

Reports has it that the water crisis in Ruwa escalated after the major supply dam dried up.



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