Provision of Condoms In Schools Raises Eyebrows

Providing information about contraceptives and safe sex is an integral part of comprehensive education, whilst the concept of providing condoms to school kids has become a debated aspect among schools, students and their parents making the whole issue a controversial one.

The debate was once brought before Parliament when other members of the Parliament were considering providing condoms to school kids.

Most parents are of the view that providing students with condoms actually encourages the kids to indulge in sexual activities.

”It is best to have students abstain 100%, its a fact that youths are already exposed to dangers of early sex and condoms would be free of service, giving students condoms actually encourages the earlier start of indulging in sexual activities.” Said one parent.

Some parents argued that it does not make sense giving condoms to young students who are still labeled as underage and can be arrested for indulging in sexual activities.

”Ndofunga kuti somehow, it does not really make sense giving macondoms to someone wekuti if they do it, they gets arrested for under age but ma government funds atiri kunzwa for pregnant girls is a good move because we have boys who are fathers who get to finish school whilst girls are staying at home.”  Said a student who recently graduated from the University Of Zimbabwe (UZ).

However, some parents suggested that condoms should be provided in schools since these kids are already indulging in sexual activities therefore condoms should be distributed in schools.

The issue of distributing condoms in secondary schools is still a debatable issue as some parents think they can still instruct their children not to engage in early marital sex however some suggest that the provision of condoms is the best to cater for unwanted pregnancy and diseases.







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