Families Making A Living From Selling Wild Fruits

People from different localities in Harare this rainy season have been flooding the streets of Harare, selling wild fruits so as to earn a living in this harsh economy.

Vendors who spoke to 263times on Wednesday said they are forced to go and pick wild fruits in bushes in rural areas and sell them to their clients travelling in the CBD.

Margret Madawu from Domboshava said she wakes up early in the morning to come to Harare CBD to sell mazhanje and matohwe that she pick up at Domboshava Forestry, she said she make between USD$15 and  $20 per day.

’’We are making a living out of selling wild fruits. I can get $15 to 20 USD a day. All of my family members are earning a living through coming to the streets every day. We have to sell wild fruits as a family like this because we have nothing to survive on.’’ She said.

Most vendors are making a living through selling wild fruits.

‘’The fruits like matohwe, matamba and mazhanje are helping us a lot, now we can look after our families and send them to school, l even bought fertilizers to send for my mother in the village, Iam married to my one husband with two children who goes to look for mazhanje in rural areas and come with them in our home to harvest and as a mother l then sell they wild fruits in the streets.’’ Another vendor said.

Harare CBD has become a source of income for vendors.

Munodaishe Kazviyo, a widow who lives in Kambuzuma said that gathering wild fruits and selling them along the Highway road and sometimes in the CBD has become a blessing as she is managing to cater for the needs of her children.

Kazviyo said,’’ l am a self employed widow and l wake up in the morning to go to Domboshava, sometimes ndoenda KuMbare kunohodha mazhanje nematohwe kana ndasvikawo apera kumasango kwatinotsvaga ndinobva ndanohodha kumbare nemari iri nani and then sell them with better prices in town  and l come with my four kids that my husband left me with.

‘’ My children can buy their Christmas clothes with the money they get from selling wild fruits and l buy food and take care of other household staffs.’’ She said.

The vendors are selling the indigenous matohwe, mazhanje , mawuyu, matamba among other wild fruits so as to make ends meet.








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