New Year’s Resolutions In a Post Covid world-Reflections

The 21 day lockdown that came on that now infamous March the 20th in the forgettable year of our Lord 2020 abruptly compelled lives to come to a screeching halt.
The confusion, uncertainty and fear that ensured prompted the masses to examine life’s different journeys collectively, ushering the entire 7.8billion earthlings into what is now referred to as the new normal, as humanity reluctantly but certainly said goodbye to life as it had been known for millennia.
Families suddenly coerced into the hitherto unusual habit of spending time together, round the clock, and realizing that they knew nothing about one another. Important conversations once successfully avoided, became imperative. With Lies exposed, Motives revealed and deceit uncovered. New discoveries of gifts, a demand for ingenuity (lest we perish), the working from home era was birthed albeit with the ambivalence that accompanies the birth of a pre-term infant.
It was indeed a dramatic year, and it has come to an end.
Lives continue, some as usual, most, never the same again. We could talk about the year that has started today. Our plans for it and the future going forward. Writing down our resolutions and setting up every reminder and progress check to meet our goals. A good thing to do, generally.
However, a resolution needs not be made willy nilly act or a copied article from another nor does it have to be a fashion statement of sorts, just as to proffer a veneer of being “organised”. A resolution should never be about keeping up appearances but must rather be a carefully thought out outcome.
The process does not begin with the resolution, but rather with a reflection. What have I been doing? How  have I been living my life? Has it been working and producing positivity all round? What do I need to do differently?
These questions need to be asked not only on an individual level, but also at a community, societal and national level.
These questions need to be interrogated in the different roles that we occupy as members of a family and a society. How have I been performing as a father or mother to shape the lives of my children? As an elderly, intellectual or sage, have I been living up to the fulfillment of my role in the community?
Have I been speaking up against injustices, abuse and irresponsible behaviour? How can we improve and impact each other’s lives in our communities?
We have much to reflect on. We have many resolutions to make, as individuals and as a people.
Reflections, the journey begins!!

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