Kembo Mohadi breaks another home as lover is divorced by heartbroken husband

The marriage Chervaughn Choeni who was heard on a phone call with Vice President Kembo Mohadi agreeing to have sex with him in his office has reportedly collapsed.
Chervaugn’s husband Martin Chabuka has called time on  their marriage after the revelations which were bought to light by online publication Zimlive. The couple have a son.
Chabuka, who is a professional dancer, proposed to Chervaugn Choeni in November 2020, with the help of singer Nyasha David. He posted the proposal video on Facebook last November, captioning it : “A day I will never forget.”
It is now a day he wishes he could forget as he picks up the pieces from a heartbreak caused by the 71-year-old former guerilla and now vice president.
Chabuka, who declined requests for interviews, changed his Facebook status to “divorced”.
He also wrote: “Talk all you want, nyaya dzichapera.”
In happier times (martin chabuka and chervaughn choeni)
On the phone recording that call that was leaked to ZimLive, Mohadi is heard asking Choeni: “So, when do you give it to me?”
The young lady, who appeared to have been financially benefiting from the affair as she is heard requesting for money to pay into what is commonly known as “maRound”,  which are money spinning clubs that locals are fond of.
In the recording, Choeni is heard telling Mohadi that she had earlier been to his office and had “actually come with an intention of giving it.”
“So you want to give it to me in the office?” asks Mohadi.
“Yes,” replies Choeni.
“Okay,” Mohadi says. “There is no any other place, we’ll have to do it in the office.”
Mohadi has faced calls to resign over the sex scandal.
The MDC Alliance said Mohadi had failed to “uphold his constitutional duty”, adding in a statement: “His predatory conduct borders on sexual abuse using public offices kept and maintained by taxpayer money. It’s manifestly inconsistent with the office he holds.”
It was reported last week how Mohadi was confronted at his Glen Lorne home by the husband of a Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agent who works in his office after learning that they were having an affair.
Jacob Mumpande, who also works for the intelligence agency, demanded that his wife, Abbigal Muleya, be transferred from Mohadi’s office.
The vice president is reported to have been seen bleeding from the head after he was attacked by another woman who was inside his residence, angry after learning details of his affair.

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