“Soul Jah Love was an active member of Zanu Pf”

Zanu PF has said the recently departed musician Soul Jah Love was an active member of the ruling party and that he reportedly came from a strong political family, with both his late parents being members of the ruling party, The Herald newspaper reports.

This was revealed by Zanu PF acting secretary for youth, Tendai Chirau, who volunteered the information as he was speaking to the publication.

Soul Jah Love was a strong member of Zanu PF as he played an active role. He was born from a political family and was also active in the party. He, together with his friend, Changara, supported the party, the state mouthpiece courted him as saying.

His father was a ZIPRA member of the intelligence, while the mother was active in the Women’s League national executive in 1984, which was headed by the late Sally Mugabe.

Chirau was speaking after reports of consternation by the late musician’s fans who reportedly accused the ruling party of hijacking his funeral wake.

Soul Jah Love was buried in Harare at Warren Hills Cemetary.


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