Schools To Engage In Out Door Learning

As students and teachers prepare for the resumption of the school calendar, responsible authorities and schools’ development committees say they have come up with various strategies to comply with World Health Organisation (WHO) Covid -19 regulations.

The Government has challenged School Development Committees (SDCS) and Responsible Authorities (RAs) to craft strategies of ensuring compliance to World Health OrganiZation (WHO) covid -19 regulations and standards.

Education authorities have reportedly started training teachers and ancillary staff to constitute health committees that will monitor and ensure safety and compliance when schools open. It’s also suggested that Outdoor learning and straggering of school attendance days are some of the efforts that will assist in making learning centres compliant with WHO regulations.

Class Rotations for students have also been proposed as part of the solution to stay compliant with Covid 19 safety measures. Authorities say this will not affect learners as offsite learning such as online classes will continue to be engaged.

Meanwhile, many people are hoping that the ongoing Covid-19 vaccinations will minimize possible outbreaks in schools.

Parents will have to ensure that their children put on face masks on their way to school.

Asked by this reporter on the idea of outside classroom learning and hot-seating, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe Secretary General Mr Raymond Majongwe said that the country isn’t serious, and in the meanwhile we are sending money to build Zambian Schools.

“We are not serious, meanwhile we are sending money to build Zambian schools.” Said Majongwe.

President Mnangagwa a few days ago donated USD$26000 for the construction of two classroom block for a Zambian memorial school.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting services Mr Nick Mangwana hadn’t responded to our enquiries at the time of publication.



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