Government Threatens New Lockdown Due To Public Complacency

Government threatens to reintroduce lockdwon restrictions due to the covid 19 complacency.
The government has warned members of the public that it may reintroduce tighter covid 19 lockdwon restrictions to curb the spread of covid and prevent a third wave.
The authorities say that they have noted “alarming levels of complacency” being displayed by the members of the public as they are violating covid 19 regulations such as the need to maintain social distancing wearing of  face masks in public.
Officials have warned people to abide by the stipulated measures meant to curb the spread of the deadly virus and intimated that they be forced to re-introduce checkpoints and traveling letters of exemption.
The authorities also say they are intensifying the implementation of other measures to curb a possible third wave of infections such as the national vaccination drive and increased enforcement of covid 19 preventative measures by law enforcement agents.
Dr Agnes the chief Co ordinator of the National Response to the covid 19 pandemic in the office of the President and Cabinet said that as government they are concerned about the complacency being shown by people.
”As government, we are always concerned when people get complacent because that is what led us to the second wave,
” But our main defense line is, stepping up the program of immunization to ensure that we immunize our target number as a way of minimizing further infections as we have the vaccines now. ” She said.
Dr Mahomva added that, the authorities were beefing up their teams from national to provincial level so that more and more people get Vaccinated and are educated about the safety of the vaccine.
Meanwhile in Europe, two thirds of Italy’s population are facing a strict lockdown from next week  as the third wave of the pandemic advances. Schools, shops, restaurants and museums were ordered to close across most of Italy after Prime Minister Mario Draghi warned of a new wave of covid 19 infections.
Officials in Zimbabwe have made it clear that the government will only reintroduce tighter lockdown restrictions as the last resort.


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