Zumbani Not A Cure For Covid-19 – Experts

Zimbabwe Association Doctors of Human Rights (ZADHR) representative Dr Norman Matara says the popular Zumbani herb is not something that can give permanent anti-bodies in humans and thus not a cure for the dreaded Covid 19 virus as widely believed in some sections of society.

Speaking during a Transparency Zimbabwe International hosted program on the Covid -19 Vaccine roll out that was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Harare yesterday, Dr Matara said zumbani is only a temporary relief and cannot cure Covid -19.

Asked if Zumbani is the same with the vaccine Dr Matara said,”Zumbani is not something that can give permanent anti-bodies however it can only assist the immune by fighting the body virus, I can say its only gives a relief .’’

He added that people still need to get vaccinated weather they are using the zumbani and mufandichimuka or not because they are the same with paracetamol.

“Most people are trusting Zumbani and resisting vaccines but Zumbani is the same with paracentamol, its not a cure and its not a permanent solution,

“You still need to get vaccinated even after taking it for the immune system to be strong in fighting the virus.’’Dr Matara said.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament, Honorable Ruth Labode confirmed that she was vaccinated but she is still using Zumbani.

“I suffered from Covid -19 and recovered, l got vaccinated and l still use Zumbani therefore using Zumbani does not mean you must not get vaccinated lets use both .’’ She said.

Hon Labode urged the government to be the only source of Covid-19 vaccines.

“The government should be the only procuring of vaccines because it reduces corruption, people must not complain for the access to procure vaccines because it has been the government since day one so lets stay like that.’’ She said.


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