NRZ To Modernize The Railway System

The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) might transform positively soon as Russian investors are considering setting up a locomotive plant in Zimbabwe, a development expected to boost the revival efforts in the railway sector.

Currently Russian investors are in the country to explore investments opportunities in the railway sector with the setting up of a locomotive assembling plant on the cards.

“We are in the country to see how we can partner and invest in the country’s railway system. We want to modernize the country’s railway system in different areas,” said Russian Representative Dr Singh Raghav in an address yesterday.

Advocate Martin Dinha, NRZ board chairperson said the proposed investment feeds by the Russians will see NRZ modernizing.

“We have a vision of transforming the country’s railway system into a modern one. The Russians want to set up a locomotive plant apart from supplying us with wagons and we will be going into the next phase of the program.

“It’s part of NDS1 and our strategic plan as well.” He said.

NRZ’s 2020 to 2030 strategic plan seeks to transform the railway system of Zimbabwe into a modern railway firm and increase the entity’s capacity to 4,5 million tones by 2023.




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