Teachers Fail To Report For Duty

Teachers have refused to report for duty from last week and yesterday as schools re -open for non-examination classes saying they will only go back to work when the government agree to return their salaries to the pre-October 2018 levels.

Currently teachers are earning between 17 and 19 000 rtgs hence they are demanding that their salaries be restored to when they were earning between US$520 to USD$550 or rtgs equivalent.

In an interview with 263times, students at Kambuzuma High School confirmed that their teachers have not been reporting for duty.

“Teachers have not been reporting for duty, we only did one subject today and we have not seen most of our teachers yet.’’ Said a form four candidate.

They also reported that some teachers only came to register their presence.

“Some were only coming in class to greet us and encourage us to keeping wearing masks.’’ A student by the name Tashinga said.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), Secretary General Raymond Majongwe said the government should pay teachers want they are worth so that they offer better services.

“Teachers are not slaves, we are serving very unsympathetic master, we are saying we are of big value to the country, the demand is very clear the government must pay what we are worth and we will honestly offer good professional services to the country.

“The zero% pass rate we are talking about will be a thing of the past.’’Mr Majonwe said.

Meanwhile, teachers unions have rejected a reported 75% salary increment offered by the government describing it as ‘pittance’.

Raymond Majongwe told 263times that teachers will not report for duty despite the increment.

‘’Let the government consider what we want, were we where last year to pay us what we are worth this USD$520 to USD$ 550 not the increment that we did not agree on.’’He said.

The Chief Executive of Zimbabwe National Teachers Union (ZNTU) officer, Mr Manuel Nyawo reported that the offer by the government is a mockery to the teaching profession and has promised that ZNTU will join other unions that will be demonstrating.

Teachers are complaining that the government gave other civil servants such as the police, soldiers and Central Intelligence Officers more than a 100% salary increase with effect from February 2021.

















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