WhastApp Upgraded To A Business Product

Young People Youth Program of Zimbabwe Youth Association President Tinashe Nyagunzu yesterday launched the Swetch On smart technology product which is more business centered as compared to WhatsApp.

In a presentation Nyagunzu said Swetch On is a development from WhatsApp which is characterized by messenger features so that people are able to buy and sell their products to their family and friends while communicating with one another.

“As young people we have come up with an E Commerce platform so that people can interact as well as contact business.” Said  Mr T Nyangunzu.

Nyagunzu reiterated that Swetch On is a technological development meant to help formal sectors and business community to contact their business.

“On WhatsApp l cannot buy or sell products that is the reason why we have introduced Swetch On.” he said.

More so the youth leader said Swetch On product is meant to produce chatrooms where business communities can hold their online seminars and also watch other online presentations.

“The app is also providing a chat room where you can tress representation of how you can contact your business.”

He also urged the business community to apply for placement of their adverts on Swetch On product.

“Swetch On is a right platform for advertisements of your business what you just do is to create your ad and you submit it to ours and then after that the admin will approve your ad so that it is send to the public after contacting some checks.” He added.

The Swetch On product builds business confidence whilst people have the privilege to buy products which will be delivered at their doorstep without transport costs.


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