Women Urged To Be Resilient In Business

Minister of  Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Kirsty Coventry accompanied by other Female Cabinet Ministers, Female Permanent Secretaries, women in sport as well as those leading various departments has today marched from Chitungwiza’s aquatic complex to the town center celebrating woman’s month.

In an interview, Member of Parliament Mrs Eliza Masuku said men should respect women and she encouraged women to empower themselves and not rely on men.

Masuku also hailed President Emmerson Mnangagwa for appointing Honorable Kirsty Coventry as Minister of Sports.

“So l encourage women and men who are at different positions to respect one another and women must empower themselves. I also want to thank the President for empowering women by appointing minister Kirsty Coventry as the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation.”

Mrs Runesu Director and CEO of a physical fitness gym in Chitungwiza added that women can achieve better in their lives by venturing into business and pursuing sports careers.

Mrs Runesu added that women are guided by many responsibilities in life which enable them to achieve great achievements in business and different categories.

“The way we were born as girls and women has been loaded with family responsibilities which gives experience for women to excel in whatever they do in life hence women need to be strong to fulfil their daily duties and also work hard to achieve equal opportunities with men and sometimes strive to be ahead of man.”

Runesu said that everybody can be successful in life but they are constrained by fear to venture into businesses.

“Most people can be successful but they are hold by fear. People dream but they don’t fulfil their dream because of fear.”

The gym CEO motivated women to venture into different sport activities and to start their own businesses while narrating how she started her gym despite peoples stereotypes on sport activities and physical fitness.

“We started by identifying that there is need for physical fitness when we established our gym but people were not fully aware on how important physical fitness is, however l’m happy that people are now aware about fitness because you will realize that when you exercise and train you will become more alert.

Mrs Runesu also articulated the positive sides of physical fitness and sport on a human body.

“From my fellow knowledge of science you find out that when you run you sweat and see some salts when the sweat dry, those are unwanted material in your body that you are taking out.”

The month of March is a reminder that women play a critical role in sustainable development and the betterment of communities. When they are educated and healthy, their families, communities and countries benefit. Yet, various forms of violation undermine opportunities for women and denies them the ability to fully utilize their basic skills.


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