TIMB Dismisses No Vaccine No Buyer’s Licence Rumor

The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board ( TIMB) has dismissed the rumor that it had issued a no vaccination no buyers licence for all auction floors.

Rumor has it that, TIMB Chairperson Mr Patrick Devenish confirmed this development when he laid out new Covid19 protocols for the marketing season.

In an interview with 263times, Mr Patrick Devenish said the rumor is false as the vaccination program is a choice.

“It’s not correct. The fact is all staff of the Tobacco Industry will be offered vaccination but basically we can not oblige people to have it.

“People who qualify under various criteria as far as the vaccination is concerned but no one is obliged to get the vaccination.” He said.

Unfortunately Mr Devenish did not clarify which criteria that was.

Rumor has it that Mr Devenish had said the process of vaccination is already underway with all staff at the TIMB.

When asked if that was true, Mr Devenish said, “I’m not sure when it starts, I am away, I am out of the country but those who want it will be able to get it.”

This year’s tobacco season starts on the 7th of April.




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