Haritatos Pledges For A Favorable Environment For Investors

Deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement, Hon Vangelis Peter Haritatos has urged the government to create a favorable environment that will make it sustainable for people to come and Invest in Zimbabwe.

He said this during a tour of Tobacco Companies in Harare today in connection on how they are going to contact their sales in this Covid -19 pandemic.

The Member of the National Assembly for Muzvezve constituency also met with different managing directors of tobacco companies which comprises of the Zimbabwe Leaf Company, Tian Ze Tobacco and Tobacco Sales Floor and he discussed with them on how they were going to prevent the spread of Covid-19  as well as to ensure a safe working environment for farmers.

Haritatos said that Zimbabwe was still experiencing environmental challenges on economic stabilization but he insisted that it was a positive initiative to see international investors coming to Zimbabwe to invest on several avenues encouraging the government to create a favorable environment for investors.

“Given the environmental challenges that we see in the economy, the stabilization of the economy is now becoming more interesting to the international investors hence as a government we have to provide an environment that makes it sustainable for people to come and invest in Zimbabwe.

“We need to ensure that as government we embrace policies that are currently in place under the new dispensation where we make things comfortable and transparence to our investors and meanwhile we are strengthening our image out there. Rome was not built on a day but as we go day by day we are attaining strength.” He said.

He encouraged small scale farmers to get involved in the growing of Tobacco and emphasized that farmers were guaranteed to produce quality Tobacco regardless of quantity.

“What we want to see now is more involvement of our farmers especially small scale farmers but more important than that is we want quality produce so we want farmers not to just produce several thousands of kg’s or several hundred’s of kg’s  our mission is for them to produce quality Tobacco.” He added.

Tobacco auction floors will open next week on the 7th of April.



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