Experts Barres Consumption Of Alcohol For 45 Days After Vaccination

The M.K. Sudarshan, chairman of the State’s Technical Advisory Committee [TAC] says those who get vaccinated for COVID-19 should not consume alcohol till 45 days after vaccination.

He said this on Saturday after receiving his first dose and expressed that consuming alcohol was not advisable after any vaccination.

“Consumption of alcohol is known to affect the immune response. This has been seen in other vaccines. There is also a mention of this in the use of Sputnik V vaccine given in Russia,” he said.

The TAC chairman also emphasized that India had come a long way in order to provide Covaxin and Covishield hence there was need for people to maximize the use of the vaccines expressing that India has come out with two Covid-19 indigenous vaccines with great difficulty.

“We should ensure that the benefits of vaccination is maximized.” said Sudarshan Chairman.

V. Ravi, who is also part of the TAC, explained that alcohol consumption may lead to impaired liver function in a person who has been vaccinated and the person’s immune response may be compromised. “In such a case, the person may not develop adequate immunogenicity and the purpose of vaccination is defeated,” he said.

In Addition Sudarshan Ballal, chairman of Manipal Hospitals, who is a part of the State’s COVID-19 expert committee, said excessive alcohol consumption was always bad .

“Alcohol decreases a person’s immunity in general. This was advised in Russia as alcohol consumption is a huge issue there. However, US scientists do not recommend abstinence from alcohol during vaccination. But, binge drinking is certainly a no-no,” he said.

However Ballal called upon people to continue following COVID-19 precautions even after vaccination.

“I would like to warn that the vaccine does not mean you have to let your guard down and give up on a mask, washing hands and social distancing. These measures need to continue in spite of the vaccination.” he added.

These comments came after Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Doctors For Human Rights Doctor Norman Matara said that people were going to experience severe side effects after Covid- 19 vaccination.

Source:The Hindu




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