Tobacco Auction Floors Preparations Complete

The preparations of Tobacco Auction Floors to open next week is complete with all equipment and facilities ready to operate.

On a tour conducted by the Deputy Minister of Lands and Agriculture Hon Vangelis Peter Haritatos in Harare yesterday, Managers of various Tobacco companies proved that they were all prepared for the Tobacco season by assuring the Minister that they were going to adhere to all Covid-19 prevention guidelines during the sale.

In an interview during the tour , the General Manager of Tobacco Sales Floor Mr Kennedy Zimunya said they were working on servicing and maintaining their equipment while training their staff but all those preparations are now complete and they are ready for business.

“We have been working as usual on servicing and maintaining our equipment, our facilities and training our staff but we have completed.

“On another note we also have been doing test runs in conjunction with TIMB to ensure that all selling systems, all our computer system and all our processes are well tested and ready hence l am happy to say that we are very ready and we have been working on this for the last one and half months. Our systems are compliant and ready to go for the season.” He said.

Presenting his level of preparedness to Hon Haritatos, Zimunya said they were going to follow Covid-19 guidelines to ensure that the auction will be safe from the pandemic.

“In terms of our selling, numbers are going to be not more than 20 people per sale for the whole floor so we are going to be limiting them strictly to the guidelines that we have. We want to say that Covid-19 is a challenge and we would want to work around there hence as a business we have to continue operating under Covid-19 regulations following the provisions that are there.” added Zimunya.

In Addition the Managing Director of Zimbabwe Tobacco Leaf Company Mr Mark David said they were fully prepared on challenges that lie ahead adding that they have medical practitioners who will manage potential Covid-19 cases hence they were lucky in terms of Covid-19 prevention measures.

“In terms of challenges we prepared against those challenges we have an adequate area to deal with the number of farmers that are coming here and we have enough space to separate farmers. In Addition we have people that are trained which incudes doctors and nurses to manage potential cases so we are fortunate in that regard.” He said.

Tobacco Auction Floors will open on 7 April 2021.




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