Women Turn Lock Down Challenges Into Opportunities

Women in Zimbabwe have been striving for the best through hard work and determination.

Movements were limited during the lockdown and they are still limited but women have been able to find other means to earn a living and survive with their children.

Most women engaged in online platform businesses during the lockdown and they are going much ahead of men.

In most cases, brilliant ideas emanate from women, working in the background, though men usually take all the credit.

Women were able to celebrate the Women’s Month (March) in style due to perseverance and hardworking even in trying times.

Mrs Runesu who is the CEO and Director of HAMPACK was able to start a gym in Chitungwiza during the lockdown and it turned up to be a success.

She advised women to be courageous and to have new ideas.

”There are many opportunities for us women, lets be courageous and have business minds, it makes me happy when women share on how they have fulfilled their dreams .” Mrs Runesu said during a celebration of women’s month in Chitungwiza, last month.

Another Harare woman, 36 years old, Shyvonne Mhene Anderson managed to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

In the wake of Covid- 19 she created a fast growing  online shopping platform that has eased business for users across the globe. She is a co-founder of Mupedzanhamo Online Shopping.

In March, Women motivated each other to change their lives by having business ideas and correct the general perception that the world already has on women.

Member of Parliament, hon Eliza Masuka urged women to also partake in the duties that are meant for men.

”All that is done by men as women we can do it and make it better and therefore equality should prevail and it’s us women that can change all the perception that some duties are meant for men. ”She said.

Most women have become their own bosses in this pandemic.






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