More Uptake Of Covid-19 Vaccination

Hundreds of people have so far been vaccinated and long winding queues have been seen at Wilkins Hospital and other vaccination centers as most people joins the government in fighting the Covid -19.

Churches have come out in their numbers including Priests and Pastors to get the vaccination after the government relaxed lockdown measures allowing congregates to worship in limited numbers.

Last week, 50 pastors from the Salvation Army joined the multitudes of people who wanted to get their first and second jabs in Harare.

Zimpapers, Assistant Chief Sub-Editor, Tendai Manzvanzvike also said she got her second jab on 26 March and she had no side effects with the first jab.

”Going for the second jab was more encouraging as I had no side effects with the first one and this is just the normal thing to do.” She tweeted.



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