Tanzania To Open Closed Media Houses

Tanzania’s new President, Samia Suluhu Hassan has ordered the reopening of media outlets that were closed under President John Magufuli’s (who died last month) reign.

Hassan made the remarks at the State House yesterday during an event to swear in newly appointed permanent secretaries.

The Tanzanian President ordered responsible authorities to lift a ban on all media outlets that were closed under the previous administration.

“Ministry of information, I hear some media houses have been shut, the online TVs, open them, but let them follow the law and government directives.

“Let’s not give them a voice to say we have stepped on press freedom. Let’s not shut them down in a tyrannical manner.” She said

In recent years, some Tanzanian media organizations were shut down for long periods of time, after publishing material that apparently did not please the Magufuli government.

Meanwhile, President Hassan said Tanzania will now consider following the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines against the spread of the Covid -19.

Tanzania during Magufuli’s reign was in denial of the deadly corona virus in which the late President described as a false virus stipulated by the Western countries to control Africa.


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