People React To New Passport Fees

The recent review of the passport fee structure by the government has incited different response from the public in which some are angry that the prices are not affordable.

The ordinary passport is now pegged at US$60 from US$53 while the one issued after 3days now costs US$200 with the emergency one remaining at US$318.

Period Chimanimani told 263times that the new passport fees are not making sense.

”The reviewing of passport fees is not making sense because how can the government peg the price in US$ only yet the workers are getting their meagre salaries in Rtgs,

”Off course there is bank rate system but its as good as air pies because non of the so called civil servants is able to reach the recognized limit at which one can be allowed to get forex from the bank. The boarders are closed so what’s the need for increasing the price of the door that is locked, it makes no sense.” He said.

Some people are saying the government is just trying to promote local business.

”The only fact they are trying to drive home is that they want to promote local businesses no wonder they are restricting the importation of 10years plus old vehicles now they are engaging on passport fees.” Said Muchenjeri.

Others are saying the reviewing of the passport fees is a burden to poor Zimbabweans.

”I would say its a burden to the poor taking into account the economic situation in the country which has failed to improve through failed promises and corruption by those in authority ,

”2million jobs that were promised remains a dream, So to raise those USD required for a passport is an uphill task taking into account that those at the base of the pyramid earn paltry salaries in rtgs.” Said a man who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He added that the masses are relying on cross boarder trading for a living so hiking passport fees is going against the masses.

However, one woman from Harare said the reviewing of passport fees is a good thing as long as the government is able to deliver best services.

”To me its a good thing but only when they can deliver the best services, in terms of quality, time for example if anyone takes the passport today he or she gets the passport in conducive time frame and in quality state.” Said a lady who refused to be named.

Others were suggesting that passports should just be free of charge like birth certificates.

Meanwhile, Minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa during a media briefing in Harare yesterday assured the nation that passport insurance services would run uninterrupted until the backlog is cleared.

”New machines are being acquired in order to improve operations. The training of personal to work on the passport insurance program will commence immediately.” She said.








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