Civil Servants To Report For Duty 2 Days A Week

Civil Servants says they will start reporting for duty just two days a week  starting from the 12th of April this year.

In a notice sent to the Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Commission, Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe, yesterday, a joint of Civil Servants Unions (ZCPSTU) said they are now revolting against their employer who is refusing to raise their salaries.

“Following and offer of 25% of one’s current earnings which the Government brought on the negotiating table in previous NJNC meeting set to be effective on 01 April 2021, which proved to be incapable of addressing civil servants’ capacity to execute their duties, ZCPSTU representing all member unions do here by notify your august office that all civil servants will, starting on 12 April 2021, report for duty twice a week.” The notice read in part.

The Civil Servants are calling for the restoration of their salaries to the pre- October 2018 salaries were they were getting between US$520 and US$550.

The Civil Servants said this decision came following the economic situation which is not tallying with their current salaries that are ranging between $17 000 and $19 000rtgs.

They called upon the Public Service Commission to address this issue with urgency.

“In conclusion, the decision made by the workers that they will not be able to report for duty all week’s working days is not by choice but as a result of prevailing circumstances. It is to this end that as ZCPSTU, we call upon your office to respect this decision by not punishing any member who happens to be a victim of incapacitation. Instead, we appeal for your indulgence that the issue is addressed with the urgency it deserves.” The notice further read.

The Civil Servants also stated in their notice how they are concerned about how the Public Service Commission takes long in responding to their plight.





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