MDC A Condemns Passport Fees Hike

The MDC Alliance has condemned government’s recent passport fees hike saying the new prices does not tally with the current economic situation and are unaffordable for the ordinary citizens.

In a statement, MDC A secretary for home affairs, Ms Rittah Ndlovu said most workers in Zimbabwe especially civil servants do not earn US Dollars hence passport prices should not be in that foreign currency.

“Our main concern is that the new fees are unaffordable for the common person whose wages are in Zimbabwe Dollars and have been eroded by inflation and contradictory, unsound monetary policies by the regime in Harare.

“The maladministration is compounded by the fact that most workers including teachers, doctors and other civil servants do not earn United States Dollars. The pegging of the fees in United States dollars constitutes an admission that the Zimbabwe dollar has collapsed despite attempts by Treasury to contend that the local dollar is the only viable currency in the country.” She said.

Ordinary passport will now cost US$60, a 3 -day passport will cost US$200 whilst the 24 hour will cost US$317 as announced by the government last week.

The MDC A described the new prices as unreasonable as compared to passport prices in other countries.

“The passport fees are grossly unreasonable in light of the fees charged by other countries in the region for the same service. South Africa charges R400 for an ordinary passport which is equivalent to $27US.” The statement read.

The passport fees hike came at a time where there was already a backlog at the passport offices with people who applied for their passports way back in 2018, still haven’t gotten their passports.




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