9 More Radio Stations To Be Licensed

Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe (BAZ) is set to review its frequency allotment which will enable it to accommodate nine new community radio stations.

This comes after the government last week announced that it was planning to license more independent players in the television and radio broadcasting sector.

Zimbabwe awarded licenses to six new television stations last year November which are set to go live soon

In a press statement BAZ said it is planning to increase broadcasting coverage for community radio stations.

”In accordance with paragraph 4(3) of the First Schedule to Broadcasting Services Act Chapter 12; 06, Baz intends to revise the frequency Allotment Plan published in General Notice 148 of 2020.” Reads the statement.

They said they need to come up with eight Community Radio stations and one campus radio broadcasting services.

”The revision seeks to divide or split the coverage areas for four (*4) Community Radio Broadcasting Service License or coverage areas in order to come up with eight (8) Community Radio Broadcasting Services and one (1) Campus Radio Broadcasting Service,” BAZ said.

The Great Zimbabwe University, the University of Zimbabwe and the Midlands State University have already been licensed.




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