Government Sets $60billion For Payment Of Farmers

Government has set aside $60 billion to ensure timely payment of farmers through the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) this marketing season.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced this during his address to mark Zimbabwe’s 41st Independence Anniversary on Sunday.

The GMB is already setting up collection points ahead of the start of grain deliveries and its target is to set up more than 500 fixed and mobile collection points to complement its collection depots.

Meanwhile, the country is expecting a bumper harvest this year following good rains. The setting up of the collection points is expected to drastically reduce the distance travelled by farmers to deliver their grain to the GMB.

Even though there was late distribution of inputs and fertilisers, the government’s Presidential Climate Proofed Pfumvudza/Intwasa Programme, Presidential Input Support Scheme, Command Agriculture, Presidential Horticulture Programme and farmers initiatives have this year yielded very positive results and the nation experts to receive a bumper harvest.

More over this is a very welcome development given the amount of the much-needed foreign currency the country has been spending on food imports. The farmers are expected to harvest enough to meet the nation’s food requirements.

Grain Marketing Board have to ensure all its silos are functional before farmers start delivering their grain. The quality of grain depends on the state of storage facilities so it is imperative for GMB to ensure it has the best storage facilities.

More so Zimbabwean farmers have demonstrated that with the good rains and adequate support in the form of inputs, they have the capacity to produce not just enough to feed the nation but even surplus for export.

In his address on Sunday, The First Secretary Of Zanu Pf President Mnangagwa said despite the disruption brought about by Covid-19, the country remained on track to achieve its Vision 2030 mandate which entails transforming the economy into an upper middle-income.

However the challenge to every Zimbabwean therefore, is to put shoulder to the wheel as we work to grow the economy and improve our welfare as a people.


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