Local Authorities Challenge The Devolution Agenda

Local Authorities through the Zimbabwe Local Government Association (ZILGA) have met in Harare today to discuss about the national devolution in which they feel it is not properly implemented.

Addressing journalists, President of ZILGA, Alderman David Guy Mutasa said they have articulated the devolution of functions that will bring the government closer to people.

“As local authorities, we appreciate the Second Republic for ramping-up the implementation of the Devolution Agenda which has been stuck in red tape for close to a decade. Devolution of functions and resources brings government closer to the people.

“It strengthens local governance and deepens democracy by enhancing citizen participation in their governance and development. These are the principles that have energized ZILGA as the voice of organized local government to articulate a position presenting the Devolution We Want! ” He said.

Devolution is the handover or transfer of governmental powers, responsibilities, resources, accountabilities and authority from national to subnational tiers of government. The objective of devolution is to enhance state accountability and delivery to citizens.

Alderman Mutasa said the local Authority strive to govern themselves and to make their own decisions.

“As local authorities we envisage that devolution will increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations of local governance institutions by minimising bureaucracy owing to ensuring levels of decision making are closer to the people.

“ZILGA relish the opportunity for its members to govern on their own initiative, managing their own affairs and steering appropriate development trajectories as enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe.” Said Mutasa.

ZILGA called for the allocation of more resources to the local government as they are the ones responsible for offering services to the people.

“ZILGA has always maintained that the success or failure of the nation is best depicted by the collective performance of its local authorities. This is why we firmly advocate for the allocation of more resources to subnational governments because that is where concerted effort takes place.” Alderman Mutasa said.

The Local Government Association said they are advocating for the devolution framework that will result in the achievement of government’s Vision 2030.

“local government should be afforded the opportunity to offer all services to our people. Local authorities, as the third tier of government, envisages an inclusive development agenda that leaves no place or anyone behind.

“ZILGA therefore urges national government to facilitate a transition towards a devolution framework that will result in the achievement of Vision 2030, by embracing the principle of subsidiarity, territorial approach to local government and policy coherence.” Alderman Mutasa added.

Alderman Mutasa was accompanied among other dignitaries by Acting Harare City Mayor ,Councillor Stewart Mutizwa and Gweru City Mayor, Councillor Josiah Makombe.


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