Corruption, Fraud And Sleeze Rumours Rock Simbisa Brands

Moralle among worker at Simbisa Brands, a Stock exchange listed fast food behemoth, is reportedly at an all time low.

Simbisa Brands houses fast food outlets Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, Bakers Inn and Nandos.

Staff at Chicken Inn are reportedly mulling downing their tools in protest at unfriendly working conditions, top of which include “unfulfilled salary increases and USD allowance promises.”


In documents that are in our possession, Simbisa Brands resolved to pay workers part of their salaries in US dollars. The documents indicate that the company resolved to pay each worker US$50 above their rtgs salaries as far back as June2020.


However, workers have say that while they were meant to start receiving USD allowances since June of 2020, they only got about 21usd each in their Nostro accounts once for the month of March this year in 2021 an amount which they say is simply deducted from their current salaries instead of being an ad-on to their already existing earnings.


The workers allege that management has been pocketing this money whilst allegedly misrepresenting to the board that workers were being paid as resolved. The workers also allege that they do not know how much they actually earn.


“It’s sad and heart-breaking that  I don’t even know how much I earn, I don’t know my salary as it stands, what I find in my bank account end of month is always a surprise.” Said Chicken Inn employee who declined to be named.


The workers are also miffed at what they alleged is massive corruption at management level under Managing Director Warren Mears, who reportedly left the country for America about a week ago, after he was allegedly suspended by the Simbisa  Brands board. He reportedly left with his family, heightening suspicions that he may have fled the allegations of corruption fearing arrest.


Repeated attempts to contact Mr Mears on his mobile phone were fruitless as the calls never went through.

Contacted for comment, the HR Director of the company, Mr Misheck Muleya, professed ignorance of the said planned industrial action by workers, saying that it was news to him as such reports hadn’t reached him. He also dismissed the rumour that the MD Warren Mears was on suspension and out of the country claiming that our sources were not being truthful. He added that the MD was coming to work as usual whilst also ridiculing claims that workers wrote a letter to Mr Mears asking him to resign. We however have a copy of the letter written to Mr Mears by the workers.

Warren Mears

Another executive at the company, who is reportedly under suspension and currently facing disciplinary action, Chiko, real name Musiko Chisanga, refused to comment referring all questions to his superiors. Chiko, who is reportedly a close associate of Warren Mears, was alleged by our sources to be under suspension pending disciplinary action for gross mismanagement.


Reports within the organization say Chiko, who allegedly operates a number of fast food outlets some of which are said to be in Karoi, Mashonaland West, is accused of using a company registered in his girlfriend’s name, to allegedly siphon funds from the fast food giant under the pretext of having supplied dinner plates and TV sets. The company has allegedly siphoned around $3million for Simbisa as well as having allegedly also taken equipment that belongs to the stock exchange listed entity whose Operating profit for the year 2020 was $6.8billion.


Chisanga however denied this while referring our reporter to senior management for comment.

Our reporter wasn’t able to get through to the Innscor PR at the time of publication. More details to come as the story unfolds.


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