Road Port To Be Constructed In Masvingo

Masvingo City Council plans to establish a road port at Exor Service Station on the outskirts of the country’s oldest town in a move expected to bring order and sanity to the city’s roads.

Council has already recommended that long-distance cross-border buses that ply the Harare-Beitbridge highway start paying US$10 parking fees at Exor Service Station.

According to Mayor Councillor Collins Maboke the money will be ring-fenced to set up the planned road port at Exor Station.

Plans to set up a revenue collection unit were already in motion culminating in the road port that will also see the installation of modern booking facilities and other amenities for cross-border traders.

Currently, there is chaos along Masvingo’s major roads with haulage trucks and long-distance buses under the spotlight for parking as they please a situation blamed on the absence of a designated road port in the ancient city.

Source: Herald


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