3 People Found Dead In Bindura

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is currently conducting investigatings about a case where three people were recently found dead near Bata Farm in Bindura.

It was reported that the three bodies were found less than seven meters from a dam and were found with several items including money and cellphones.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Mr Paul Nyati confirmed the case to the state paper.

”Yes, three people were found dead at Bata farm yesterday, they were near a Honda CRV vehicle ABR 6239.” He said.

He reported on where the bodies were found.

”One of the bodies was found lying about 40metres from the car and about 6 metres from the dam shore,

”The second was found about 4,5 metres from the dam shore while the third one was found about 8,5 metres from the dam shore.”

Nyati added that, ZRP is currently conducting investigations to establish the owner of the car.

He reported that, several items were found with the deceased that include money and cellphones.



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