Voter Registration Kicks Off

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has started voter registration for the 2023 Presidential Elections.
In a statement, the Open Parly announced that people are to visit their nearest district offices to get started on the registration since ZEC does not offer online registration.
“Unfortunately, ZEC does not offer online registration, you are encouraged to visit your nearest district office for physical registration.

“What to bring: – ID/Passport – Proof of Residence/Affidavit.” Open Parly said.

voter registration points

Meanwhile, social media is trending with the #2023iamvoting and youths are excited and posting on twitter about their expectations.

Lawyer and politician, Doug Coltart encouraged Zimbabweans to register to vote, “Encouraging to see #2023iamvoting trending at Number 1 in Zimbabwe today!! Register to vote TODAY. Call @ercafrica’s toll free line 08080219 for more info. Their shuttle will take you to your registration Centre. 

Journalist and political activist, Hopewell Chin’ono has this to say, “Dear Zimbabwean Youths, You have made VOTER registration trend! Non but yourselves can bring the change you want and deserve. Today 95% of Zimbabwe’s potential working force has NO jobs due to misrule, State incompetence, Looting, Plunder and Corruption! Register to Vote NOW!”
Zimbabwe’s Presidential Elections will commence in 2023.



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