Zanu PF Door Remains Open- Obert Mpofu

Zanu PF Secretary for Administration, Dr Obert Mpofu says Zanu PF is ready for anyone who wants to join the revolutionary party.

In an Interview, Dr Mpofu said the door is still open for anyone interested to join the ruling party but he insisted that those who were willing to join were obliged to test for good behavior first.

“We have not shut the door for anyone interested in being part of the revolutionary train. The party just requires our deportees from the political oblivion to stand the test of loyalty and discipline to be welcomed back to the mother party, Zanu PF.

“His Excellency President Mnangagwa who is the first Secretary of the party has made it clear that Zanu PF is too big, a pocket with the capacity to “pocket us” all as long as we are loyal to the creed of the struggle and it’s a true meaning to our patriotic existentiality. The door is wide open,” he said.

The former Minister of Home Affairs added that a lot of opposition party members were going to join the Zanu Pf party saying that the ruling party had been approached by various opposition members who are willing to join the Zanu PF party.

“In fact, people must be ready for a massive exodus from the opposition. We have been approached by individuals from all sections of the opposition who are disgruntled. In no time, you will be shocked with the numbers of many who will come to the altar of the revolution,” said Dr Mpofu.

However Dr Obert Mpofu insisted that those who want to rejoin Zanu PF are expected to follow the cardinal rules.

The statement comes after a number of MDC members and senior officials are joining the Zanu PF Party.

Recently, former senior opposition MDC officials Senator James Makore and ex-national spokesperson Mr Obert Gutu joined the revolutionary party.

Meanwhile the former MDC members who are joining Zanu Pf are citing displeasure of the party leadership, which they are saying its lacking a clear empowerment strategy.

They are accusing the leaders of concentrating on empowering themselves and dividing the party.

Source:  Herald


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