Private Sector Supports Gvt To Raise Vaccination Funds

The private sector has joined hands with the government in raising funds for the vaccination programme.

Addressing delegates during government’s official opening of the private sector vaccination programme in Harare yesterday, Cimas board chairperson Mrs Emma Fundira said the primary goal for the initiative was to support the government’s vaccination programme by raising funds.

“We are indeed proud of the cooperation there has been between the private sector and government in the joint fight against the virus. The development of Covid-19 vaccines now offers the world hope that these may prove to be a means of overcoming the virus and a return to some form of normalcy,” she said.

Cimas was appointed the programme’s technical partner and health advisor for the private sector vaccination initiative.

Cimas partnered with other private sector such as, the Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe (TBCZ), Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), the chamber of mines, Horticultural Development Council, Insurance Council of Zimbabwe among others.

Mrs Fundira said she hoped that the cooperation between the government and private sector would lead to other areas of cooperation in the national interest so as to reach the herd immunity.

“We anticipate that this private sector initiative will contribute to increasing the pace at which the required herd immunity is reached in Zimbabwe. It is our hope that this demonstration of confidence in the vaccine by the private sector organisations will encourage those who are sceptical to come forward and be vaccinated. We pledge our continued support for your efforts and those of government as a whole in overcoming this virus and its effects on so many people.

“Such success stories for private and public sector partnership should be encouraged as it creates positive synergies required to stimulate economic growth and prosperity,” she said.

After the launch of the vaccination drive, several leaders from the business community took their first doses of the vaccine as part of a drive to instill confidence among members of the public.

The launch was officiated by the deputy minister of health and child care, Dr John Mangwiro.



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