Police Warn Passion Java

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned socialite Prophet Passion Java to observe Covid- 19 regulations when he conducts his public gatherings.

The warning came following recent videos circulating on social media showing the flamboyant Java mixing with large crowd of adoring fans who mobbed him as he toured Gweru, Kadoma and Bulawayo, disregarding social distancing regulations while also not wearing facemasks.

Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said that no report against the prophet had been lodged with the police regarding the matter.

“Police have not received any report against Prophet Passion in connection with his journey to Kadoma and Gweru where a number of people jostled at his vehicle in a video circulating on social media,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.

The senior cop reiterated  that public figures who are followed by lots of people were expected to fully adhere to Covid-19 prevention measures to curb the spread of the deadly corona virus which has claimed millions of lives across the globe.

“However, we are urging public figures like him to observe Covid-19 regulations that includes proper wearing of facemasks, observing social distancing, hand sanitizing and avoid gatherings.

“Covid-19 is real and it’s continuing to take lives and government is still to lift national lockdown measures set to curb the continued spread of the pandemic,” he said.

In the video footage circulating on social media, Prophet Passion is seen addressing and mingling with sizeable crowds that mobbed his entourage when he passed by several towns. Many of the fans didn’t seem to be putting on face masks nor observing any social distancing as they jostled to take pictures with the flamboyant socialite cum cleric.

Several opposition politicians aligned to the main opposition MDC Alliance party have been jailed for holding gatherings in what the authorities say are arrests for violations of covid 19 prevention measures put in place to control the pandemic.



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