Madhuku Speaks On Mnangagwa’s Love For Power

Opposition National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader, Professor Lovemore Madhuku says President Emmerson Mnangagwa has gone beyond late former President Robert Mugabe in terms of his love for power.

Madhuku said President Mnangagwa has showed more greed for power compared to his predecessor Robert Mugabe.

Addressing journalists in Harare, Madhuku said his party was opposed to the Constitutional Amendment No.2 recently enacted into law and feels vindicated after he massively campaigned against the new charter in 2013.

”We notice a very dangerous trait in Amendment Number 2. It’s a level above what we used to have. We have been in this game to say that, we need a people driven constitution. At one point we were dealing with President Mugabe and some people thought it was all about Mugabe with the Amendment 2, the current President has gone much beyond what President Mugabe was doing in terms of loving power.

”I think it shows the trend that came out in a video where the President came out sating 2030 ndechipo (I will be around). This is what amendment No.2 is all about and we are condemning it. We are noticing that it is what is actually happening.” Madhuku said.

He said they are calling upon Zimbabweans to be alive.

”It’s a dangerous trait and we have to call upon Zimbabweans to be alive to that process because there is no other way the President would ignore every other advise,” Madhuku said.

He said power is being concentrated in the hands of an individual which is very dangerous.

”It is very clear that, power is now being concentrated not in the hands of an office but of an individual who is in office and that is a very dangerous approach and you get it more pronounced in amendment No.2. It is all about the personal love for power by President ED Mnangagwa and this is what is being reflected in Amendment No.2.” He said.




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