VP Chiwenga Re Opens St Anne’s Mission Hospital

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga who is also the Minister Of Health and Childcare has re opened Saint Anne’s Hospital in Harare today.

Saint Anne’s is a mission hospital under the Roman Catholic Church which was closed in February 2016 for infrastructural maintenance by religious sisters of the company of Marry.

These sisters first came to Zimbabwe in 1937 for the opening of the hospital in Harare.

Speaking at the re opening of Saint Anne’s Hospital, the Vice President said Saint Anne’s hospital helped a lot in this current period where Zimbabwe is under Covid-19 by collaborating with other hospitals and health institution’s in providing isolation centers for Covid-19 patients.

“When the Covid-19 pandemic struck it was providential that repairs and maintenance at the hospital were near completion and as the government was grappling with the global pandemic St Anne’s joined in sharing the burden with other healthcare institutions in the country,” he said.

The former Army General gave assurance to the nation that the hospital was now ready to save people on different health implications which includes Covid-19 and non Covid-19 illness whilst urging other stakeholders to assist St Anne’s hospital on issues concerning good health to all Zimbabweans.

“Saint Anne’s is now open to Covid -19 and non Covid -19 patients, the hospital will be operating on a referral basis while other services will continue to be provided as the facility expands l thereupon call other stakeholders to assist St Anne’s Hospital to uphold this noble cause,” added Chiwenga.

Furthermore Dr Chiwenga also emphasized that the government was still going on with their vaccination programme to ensure that every Zimbabwean citizen is safe from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Let me warn those in our nation that may think that the Covid-19 vaccination is about to falter, it is not and it will not. Government continues to place by premium on preserving lives, it will continue to use it’s recourses and the international goodwill it commands to access regular adequate vaccines which enable us to maintain whilst saving our people,” he said.

Meanwhile, Catholic Archbishop of Harare Mr Christopher Ndlovu, who was accompanied by two priests added that many Zimbabweans are going to be motivated to come at St Anne’s hospital because it is a church hospital hence they will expect to be treated well, he however urged the institution to portray and handle patients with care.

Saint Anne’s Hospital has given birth to several mission hospitals which includes Mount St Mary’s Hospital in Hwedza, Saint Peters Mission Hospital at Chechete, Murambinda Mission Hospital in Buhera and Mashambanzou Care Trust in Waterfalls among others.





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