Makandiwa Sheds Light On Covid-19 Vaccine

United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa has urged his followers to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus, a contrary to what he previously said about the vaccine.

At the beginning of this year, Prophet Makandiwa made headlines after he declared that vaccines were responsible for Africa’s poverty, suffering, and underachievement. He also sensationally claimed that the DNA of Africans was tampered with in the search for the Covid-19 vaccine.

The man of the cloth also urged his followers not to take the vaccine after saying that he had been shown a vision in which those who had not taken the vaccine were building a new Africa, while those who had taken the Covid-19 vaccine had perished. He further claimed that “the Covid-19 vaccine was designed to make humans lose strength.”

However, on Sunday Makandiwa backtracked from his previous sentiments on Covid-19 when he urged his followers to be vaccinated against the pandemic.

In the mean time, he has become the latest evangelical christian leader to endorse vaccination against Covid-19.

Stressing that vaccination was not a mark of the beast and that there was no chip in a jab, Makandiwa said he had received so many enquiries from his followers who wanted to know if they should be vaccinated or not as they were under pressure from their employers.

He explained that he was not against vaccines and had received several vaccines before and advised his followers to get vaccinated so they don’t lose jobs and make their families suffer.

“There is no chip in the vaccine, there is no mark in the vaccine. Christians are afraid, fearing for their lives and trying to protect themselves and their loved ones from receiving the mark of the beast by receiving the vaccine. This is Covid-19 vaccine not the mark of the beast.”

“How many times did I say don’t rush, don’t be the first, let them have it first. If I am saying don’t be the first, I am saying be the last or second. Why should you be the first when it’s not your creation.

“(If you don’t get vaccinated) you do not get into the shop, you do not work there, you do not buy, you do not sell, you are not admitted in any hospital, your children are not allowed in schools. So, it’s not just losing your job, you have lost your entire freedom. You are no longer existent as a human being. You are no longer considered; you are not there because of one thing, vaccine.”

Makandiwa said it was better for people to get vaccinated than to be vaccinated after losing their jobs.

“Why lose your job, yet you can be vaccinated right now and keep your job, look after your family especially now that you know it is not the mark of the beast,” he said.

“What do you lose by getting vaccinated?” he said.

Makandiwa said he had been vaccinated before and he believes in vaccines and supports them.

Given the fact that Emmanuel Makandiwa has a big following, his Covid-19 jab endorsement will ensure that many of his followers who previously had negative perceptions against the Covid-19 vaccine will get vaccinated.

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