Harare Residents Welcome ZUPCO Trains

It’s a circus as the country returns to the 80s in which the rail transportation was the main source of transport for urban folks.

Swarming like bees were Hararians last night as they rushed to get a seat in the ‘Smith’ train as it prepared to take off at 17:30, ferrying thousands of Mufakosi, Budiriro, Glenview and Dzivarasekwa residents.

In an interview with 263times, one of the passengers who spoke on condition of anonymity said the fare is affordable, she gets home in time unlike the days she used to wait in long queues for the ZUPCO buses to arrive.

“The fare going for rtgs40 is affordable, the train departs around 17:30 then I get home around 18:15 which is far much better than the days I used to wait in long queues for a bus and getting home around 20:00,” she said.

Another passenger said it was her first time to board the ZUPCO train and she was impressed on how the interior is still beautiful but however urged the government to modernize the trains.

“I am dissatisfied with the appearance of the train out side but inside it’s beautiful, however there is need for the trains to be renovated.

“We need charging systems and the trains must also have lights just like in buses,” she added.

Baba Tonde from Budiriro Cabs hailed the government on providing the Zupco train system but however urged the government to buy more trains that are safe in this Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are overcrowded here, the number of passengers is increasing by day, I really think the government should take note of this and buy more trains before people start spreading the corona virus.

“Safety risks from crowding should be well-managed, Zupco trains should monitor the level of crowd,” he said.

The NRZ transportation resumed last month under the Zimbabwe Passengers Association (ZUPCO).

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