“GodIsNotInIt”- Jonathan Moyo Tells Chamisa

Self-Exiled former Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has dismissed Chamisa’s “GodIsInIt” social media mantra, which embodies the popular opposition leader’s religious beliefs and that God will help him win power, mockingly re-configuring it to “GodIsNotInIt” in his latest potshot at the main opposition CCC.

This latest spat between Moyo and the Opposition CCC comes hot on the heals of the heated conversation on the main opposition’s alleged lack of structures and failure to  hold a congress. Chamisa’s party has stated that it will not hold a congress before the 2023 elections, as the main opposition fears infiltration by the State and ruling party.

The serial political flipflopper who is in self impossed exile in Kenya has come out guns blazzing, accusing the CCC of being a cult and not a political party, imploring the authorities to bar “structureless political parties” from contesting in national elections.

His statement however drew fire from social media users, many of whom extracted Professor Moyo’s previous tweets in which he involved and quoted the name of God in politics, with some even giving biblical examples of God’s deep involvement in earthly political matters.

A few weeks ago Chamisa subtly attacked Professor Moyo, calling him a “Zanu Pf coach”, saying all those calling for a CCC congress were agents of the ruling party who had hoped to inflitrate the main opposition.

Addressing mourners at the late Dr Alex Magaisa’s funeral wake in Njanja on Tuesday, Chamisa said “I am going to lead, no doubt about that I feel it. The heavens have endorsed me, even my brother Mnangagwa is feeling the heat. We are not going to let go of our victory this time.”

However Professor Jonathan Moyo described politics as a sin, arguing Chamisa should not put God into his political playbook, but carry rather should “carry his own cross.”

“When it comes to politics, God is out of it. Unlike religion, which is divine, politics is sin; whatever your religion, you sin alone; and so you must carry your own cross!” said Moyo

Moyo critics on Twitter backed Chamisa’s position, citing King Saul and David’s stories as well as a plethora of other biblical examples as proving God’s involvement in politics.

Professor Jonathan Moyo has fallen out with CCC supporters after he started criticizing the main opposition’s failure to hold a congress. There are reports that the Kenya based politician is negotiating a return to the ruling Zanu Pf party, which his critics say explains his sudden sharp criticism of the opposition.

The former Tsholotsho legislator went into self imposed exile in Kenya after the November 2017 coup that toppled longtime ruler Robert Mugabe and catapulted President Emmerson Mnangagwa to power.




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