InnBucks Is Back, Announces Return In Dramatic Fashion

Simbisa Brands Pvt (Ltd)’s money transfer platform, InnBucks, has announced that it is back, three months after Zimbabwe’s central bank banned it.

As they flew high, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe had to step in and halt that progress. InnBucks was banned on the 20th of April 2022. Apparently there were issues with their ADLA licence. The RBZ said they didn’t have the necessary approvals to operate a transfer service.

When it was banned, InnBucks had become one of Zimbabwe’s leading US dollar transfer platforms.

In a video shared on its official Twitter handle on Thursday, InnBucks announced it is returning in August 2022 though no exact date was given.

InnBucks said it is coming back bigger, better and stronger.

The video announcement by the money transfer platform was met with approval on Twitter.

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