“Struggling” ZUPCO Peg Fares Using Black Market Rates

The Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO) last week raised intra-city charges to $800, which it also says would be equal to one United States dollar.

The official exchange rate announced by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) last Tuesday is about $635 to the greenback, while the black market rate is $800.

A memorandum, which was signed by Tito Chirau, the Belvedere Depot manager, and addressed to all ZUPCO crews, read:

“You’re being advised to revert to the gazetted fare of $800 on all peri-urban routes with effect from November 4.

“For passengers willing to pay in USD, crews are urged to accept US$1 for a journey without an extra charge having to be passed to avoid fare distortions.

“Passengers paying in USD should be given a ticket matching the $800. You’re now mandated to buy your own fuel with effect from November 10 as all highway buses are doing.”

Meanwhile, ZUPCO buses’ presence on urban routes has greatly diminished after the government reversed its move to bar private transporters at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

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